Roberts Training Center
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The Joy of Hunting with a Labrador Retriever

At  Roberts Training Center, I offer a three month training program.  One of the unique features is that you not only get to visit once a week with your dog but you also get a personal one on one lesson with me and your dog working together.

Obedience is a must in the field.  So when hunting ducks the dog needs to be steady in the blind to gun fire until you send your dog by name to retrieve the duck to hand.

Pheasant hunting is fun only when your dog flushes the bird close enough for you to shoot.  The program I offer consists of keeping your dog in gun range with a whistle and retrieving the pheasant to hand.

Another nice feature is that all training is done within walking distance of the kennel.  At the facility there is a pond, plenty of space in the marking fields for doubles and triples and plenty of cover for upland game.

Obedience is also included which consists of sit, down, heel, stay, and come, on and off leash. 

The three month Field Training Program is quite reasonable at  $2,400 which includes birds, boarding, and all lessons.

I also offer a 9 weeks Duck Retrieving Only Program for $2,000.  This program includes the Basic Duck Retrieving Program pus obedience; the sit, down, heel, stay, and come, on and off leash.

To sign up for any  of the programs that  I offer please call me at (530) 633-0111.  I am looking forward to talking with you about your dog.